Employers May Not Force an Employee To Sign a Covenant Not To Compete

Employers may not force employees to sign illegal non-competition agreements In general, California employers may not force employees to sign illegal non-competition agreements as a condition of employment. Terminating an employee who refuses to agree to or sign the illegal  →

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Janeen Pro Headshot Having problems with a current or recent employer? The Law Offices of Janeen Carlberg is a prominent California employment litigation law firm representing employees against their employers regarding various violations of employee rights and working condition requirements under the California  →

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious Prosecution Sometimes employers sue their former employees. One of the ways that these lawsuits come about is when the former employer sues a former employee in response to a lawsuit. Often these retaliatory lawsuits are based on sound legal  →

Recovering Attorneys Fees in Employment Cases

It is a good thing when attorneys’ fees are recoverable in a case In general, it means there is more money to go around.  Most employment cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that the attorney working on the  →

The law related to on-call time

On-Call Time, Uncontrolled Standby, Controlled Standby, Response and Reporting Time Pay On-Call Rules This article summarizes the rules related to on-call time. On-call in this context is meant to mean requiring the employee to be prepared to handle a work  →

The Private Attorney General’s Act

The Private Attorney General’s Act Labor Code 2699 is the Private Attorney General’s Act (PAGA) which creates a private right of action for employees to enforce any provision of the Labor Code, with the exception of a few workers’ compensation  →

What can you legally say to the cops?

Cops have their limits but did you know how high you could push yours ? short answer is that you can say whatever you want so long as you are not “provoking” the officer or “inciting” violence.  It must be  →