Having problems with a current or recent employer?

The Law Offices of Janeen Carlberg is a prominent California employment litigation law firm representing employees against their employers regarding various violations of employee rights and working condition requirements under the California labor code. We offer a no obligation, free consultation and a no win / no fee policy, all it takes is a phone call and you can let us take it from there. We don’t go easy on law breakers and we get you the result you deserve, if we don’t win, you don’t pay!

Some of the cases we most commonly take:

Harassment: Sexual, Racial, Sexual Orientation

Discrimination: Age, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability Accommodation

Wrongful Termination: Retaliation, Whistleblower

Leaves of Absence Violations:Medical, Pregnancy, Military, Family Care

Breach of Contact: Written Employment Agreements

Wage Disputes: Wrongful Classification, Failure to Pay Overtime, Unpaid Commissions, Failure to Give Breaks &/or Lunches, Class Actions etc.

Do you feel like your rights have been violated?

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